The Perfect Platform Lift

Platform lifts are designed to provide barrier free access to raised entryways, decks, and porches. They can be installed outdoors or inside a garage.

Vertical travel is available as high as 12 feet. Vertical platform lifts also have a multitude of platforms that are available in various sizes.

The battery-powered option allows for full use even during a power outage, ensuring you are never stuck inside or out of your home.



What We Offer

Free On-Site Consultations

Choosing the right lift starts with assessing your needs. The best way to do so is through an onsite face to face consultation.

We will measure your space, explain code requirements describe available options and provide you with the most cost efficient option based on these factors.

We offer a wide range of lifts such as standard platform lifts, portable lifts, pool lifts, and incline platform lifts with upgradeable options such as remote control and battery options.